Kermit P. Bonovich, MD
Doctor | Author – “Waking Up Emily”
Kermit P. Bonovich, MD, At a Glance

Dr. Kermit P. Bonovich has been a key member in the development of a new hospital, and in recruiting physicians to the facility. He also treats and administers care for inmates at a local prison. Dr. Bonovich’s son is a neurointerventionalist, and his daughter is a U.S. Air Force advocate general who is ranked as a lieutenant colonel. Dr. Bonovich wrote and published the novel “Waking Up Emily,” which is based on the real-life observations of an anesthesia department of a large metropolitan hospital. He is also the co-author of “No Weight Loss Gimmicks.” He is working on his third manuscript, “Deadly Consequences and Convenient Heroes.” His wife, Ruth, has written and published a book of poetry, entitled “Reflections and Impressions.”

Dr. Bonovich has 46 years of experience as the owner of his medical practice. Dr. Bonovich holds an MD from the School of Medicine, which he earned from the University of Maryland in 1962, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in zoology, which he earned from the University of Maryland in 1954. In his spare time, he enjoys home remodeling, providing weight control counseling, and writing.

Dr. Kermit P. Bonovich
Specializing in Patient Care
Author, "Waking Up Emily"
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